Valerie Greene Conquers a Stroke

At 31, Valerie Greene was a healthy, vibrant businesswoman until a massive stroke paralyzed the left side of her body and left her unable to speak. Doctors gave her a grim prognosis — she might never walk and talk again, and most of her hearing was lost. Sheer determination propelled her out of her wheelchair and on to a 90% recovery.

Now an internationally recognized advocate for stroke awareness, Valerie shares her extraordinary journey and offers a must-have guide for stroke survivors and caregivers everywhere in her new book, “Conquering Stroke.”

“In less than 10 years, I went from running a successful business to having a near death experience, relearning how to walk and talk, losing my beloved grandmother and father, overcoming a long and fierce legal battle, to finding my purpose” said author Greene. “My fiery journey taught me many valuable lessons that would sustain and carry me forward throughout my life. My hope is that this book will both inform and inspire stroke survivors, their family members and caregivers as well as potential stroke victims everywhere.”

According to the American Stroke Association, stroke is the leading cause of adult disability. Today, 6 million Americans are stroke survivors.

“Conquering Stroke,” with prescriptive advice on stroke from physicians in this field and the author’s inspirational story promises to be the wake up call America needs. It includes a comprehensive guide to hospitals with renowned stroke centers, the latest on tPA, and blood tests to access your stroke risk (called the Gold Dot), and it will show those who have suffered a stroke how to recover by using some of the best kept secrets.

Here’s a quick inspirational video with Valerie, internationally recognized spokesperson for the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association for stroke awareness:


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