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Top 5 Secrets to Finding Great Deals, Opportunities and Free Goodies

Top 5 Secrets to Finding Great Deals, Opportunities and Free Goodies

By Kristie Kennedy

If you’ve ever experienced a drought or launched a business from the ground up one thing it will teach you is how to creatively stretch and maximize every quarter, nickle and dime. One of my favorite quotes is by Marva Collins who said, “Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it!”

The time period in which we live requires ingenuity and resourcefulness. Countless individuals are without work and are standing on the edge of hopelessness. I will never forget the powerful lines of Will Smith as he played Chris Gardner in the Pursuit of Happyness, “Don’t ever let anybody tell you…you can’t do something. Not even me. All right? You gotta dream. Go get it! Period!”

How often has it been said that we get what we pay for? From the bargain hunters’ perspective we can get even more for all that we don’t pay for. I vividly remember meeting a young entrepreneur years ago at a Women in Leadership Conference. She shared with me advice that her dad gave to her. He said, “If I don’t kill it, I don’t eat.” Many people are haphazardly watching life slip through their hands as if they don’t have a voice in the matter. Until you become like an eagle keenly aware of the multitude of opportunities that encompass you and possess the courage to seize them, they will escape your grasp.

The truth is that diamond deals are everywhere, yet many are oblivious to the hidden treasures that rest right under their nose. Allow me to share my top five favorite finds on and offline.

  1. Books: I have eight bookshelves in my home and this is an item I usually love to purchase at a special price. Recently, I found a free e-book with over 1500 pages after opting in to a mailing list. I have a file of complimentary books that I discover month after month. A few other places to find the best book deals for as low as $1.00 are the Good Will, Dollar Tree and Thrift Stores.
  2. Cellular Phones: It is a sad shame to many who are still paying over $100.00 for mobile phone services. There are numerous per-paid and non contract phone carriers. My bill for an Android smartphone is $35.00 a month for unlimited calls, Internet and text messaging. If time is money, I purpose to have plenty of it.
  3. Coupons: As I was viewing new movies showing at our low price movie theater, I saw an advertisement for a free bag of popcorn if you signed up to be placed on the mailing list. A friend was sharing with me the other day how an easy $20.00 can be spent on concession stand items alone.
  4. Graphic Designs: In order for your business to gain continuous exposure graphic design is a must. This can get costly. One place on the internet for budget savvy individuals is Any service offered starts as low as five dollars and the work performed is exceptional in most cases.
  5. Contests: I was extremely excited about a Facebook contest that I participated in. I won free admission to a Women’s Business Conference as a result of sharing my honest opinion on a subject open to public discussion. Another perk, at the event was a dynamic package deal for $20.00 offered by a local photographer.

The list goes on and on! If you really want something, there are a million and one ways to discover it. The key is to be willing to seek until you find. Knock until the door is opened. Finally, be bold enough to ask for what you truly want. Earlier this week, I placed an order at a restaurant and they repeated it verbatim. When the meal arrived to me it was inaccurate and I had an extended wait until they cooked a fresh batch of fish. I politely asked, “May I have a courtesy cup of sweet tea for my inconvenience?” The world is your oyster, open it up and enjoy the pearls of possibilities that lay freely at your disposal.


About the Author:

Kristie Kennedy, Women’s Beauty, Business, Brilliance and Body Image speaker provides simple success strategies to overcome everyday challenges, internal conflicts and confidence killers. Visit her online at