The Savvy Shopper: Beware of the Supermarket

By Dr. Frank Springob ~

The world can be a dangerous place for our children.  Most responsible parents are vigilant about making sure the seatbelts are buckled, the helmets are fitted, the hands are held when crossing the street, and the strangers are kept at bay. Part of good parenting is investigating who can be trusted as we work, as parents and as a collective, to ensure the health and welfare of our offspring.

Increasingly, one of the greatest dangers to the long-term health of the next generation can be found in the aisles of the grocery store.  From my unique perspective, many of the products sold there are not fit for human consumption.  This conclusion is based upon years of experience comparing the “energy signature” of common commercial food to the real food that we have consumed throughout human history.  The process I use is described in my book, Bugs in My Brain, Poison on My Plate, Using M-Field Energy Signature Matching to Optimize Your Health.

In the book, I explain the science of using an advanced form of muscle testing.  The purpose is to reveal when the energy signature or “resonance” of food is a mismatch to the energy of the human body.  It is my belief that nourishing food will have an energy that matches the body and that altered or aberrant food will not.  Predominately, the foods sold in most grocery stores today are both altered and aberrant.

It has been estimated that over 80 percent of the commercial food products sold at the major chains contain some form of genetically modified ingredients.  Since the FDA does not require these to be labeled, the average consumer is unaware of the true nature of the food they are feeding their family.

In thousands tests of genetically modified foods (GMO), the energy signature matching procedure has yet to reveal a genetically engineered food that is compatible with the human energy field.  When this is demonstrated to patients in our Wellness Center, most are shocked to see how weak the test muscle becomes as a GMO food product is brought into their energy field, which I call the Morphogenic Field or M-Field.  Only real food, organic food and whole food supplements, have the energy signature to pass this test.

Unfortunately, the suppression of details about the true origins of the food products in the grocery store is the main problem.  If GMO labeling were required and enforced, the consumer could then become informed and make a choice to protect themselves and the next generation from the foods that weaken their M-field.  Washington State will be voting on such a law in 2013, possibly becoming the first state to re-take control of their food supply.

The level of pesticides and herbicides in GMO foods is alarming.  We know from years of using this technique that many health problems seen in our Wellness Center improve greatly when these foods are reduced or eliminated in the diet.  Our mission is to make everyone aware of the correlation between the consumption of aberrant food and many of the health problems faced in America.

The number one cause of death in America is not accidents or infections, although these are the things most parents worry about.  The most common cause of death is non-communicable degenerative disease.  In other words, people are dying from what they ate. Bodies need to regenerate, and foods that are free from toxins and full of vital nutrients are the building blocks for this process. Food that contains pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified ingredients are a much more insidious threat to the health of our children. The risk may not be as imminent as an on-coming car, but in light of the leading cause of death, can we really say that our children are safe eating these foods?

So, after you feed your children the healthy meals they deserve, be sure you then buckle their seatbelts and hold their hands when they cross the street.  But, first things first!

About the author
Dr. Frank Springob is a chiropractic physician, educator and the co-developer and instructor of Morphogenic Field Technique. He has over 36 years of experience in clinical practice. He currently teaches seminars in Morphogenic Field Technique in addition to his regular practice. For more information about Dr. Springob, M-Field Technique and his seminars, visit or


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