The Career Connection: Kathy Bass and the Business of Branding

Kathy Bass of Phoenix, Arizona, makes it her business to help women succeed in their businesses. Her company, “Ladies Who Brand,” is set to launch a series of Power Up Seminars, equipping women to brand themselves, utilizing the unique tools available through social media. The Savvy Gal caught up with Kathy to get a preview of what’s in store:

1) How was the concept of “Ladies Who Brand” conceived?

The idea was born out of my own recent, painful “brand identity crisis.” During my year-plus of social media research, I discovered that the lack of strong branding is the main reason behind business and social networking failures. Then I figured out that the majority of entrepreneurs, executives, small business owners and professionals don’t understand how the world of social media operates and are trying to figure out the next trick, but it all must start with the brand.

2) What types of women will benefit most from being affiliated with “Ladies Who Brand?”

The women who:

  1. are still attempting the impossible: To be all things to all people
  2. are working more hours, without increased results
  3. want focus, direction and fulfillment back in their life
  4. the growing number of women Re-Inventors!

3) How is “Ladies Who Brand” different from other seminars?

In order to achieve our lofty goals, we discovered that the seminar vehicle is the best way to minimize the time and financial investment.  Our goal is to deliver solid branding, social media and social networking knowledge in less than four hours, then provide participants with “The Plan” to easily guide them to successful results in 30 days or less! Plus, we include a Social Media Handbook to keep them going forward.

4) How does the business angle of “Ladies Who Brand” operate?

Our main focus is to spread the word about our Power up! Seminar over the next three months. Everyone needs to get back to the basics and do more with less to survive these challenging times. We are in the process of developing bundle-branding, value added services and support, which will be offered through a Ladies Who Brand membership beginning in May.

5) What is “Ladies Who Brand’s” most unique feature?

We teach women how to brand themselves and their business. We combine years of experience, knowledge, research, psychology and marketing, and pass it on so women can pursue their vision and be successful in a short amount of time.

6) How can women become involved?

Sign up for our seminar on May 14th in Los Angeles or June 4th in Scottsdale.

9) Is there a fee to participate?

The seminar investment is $149, which includes: dynamic speakers, The Plan, and The Social Media Handbook.  In order to make it more affordable, they can bring a friend for free (50% off).

10) What type of business woman would not be a good fit for “Ladies Who Brand?”

The one who thinks she knows it all and can’t learn anymore. Hey, if she exists, I’d like to meet her!  Social media is here to stay and is changing on a daily basis.  Action overcomes fear, so learn to embrace it utilizing all that social media has to offer.

11) What is the ultimate objective for the “Ladies Who Brand” organization?

My friend showed me a “Social Media Kit” that cost her $1,000.  The “kit” would have taken one person 20 minutes to put together and her name wasn’t even spelled correctly!  More of these companies are popping up and not providing value. They are preying on people anxious to become involved with social media.  Our ultimate objective is to spread the word quickly about our Power up! Seminar, so we can help women understand how to do it right and start enjoying the unlimited ROI social media has to offer.

12) Please describe a little bit about yourself as the founder of “Ladies Who Brand”

After moving seven times in the last nine years, I’ve figured out how to adapt to change quickly, with flexibility, in order to thrive in my new surroundings.  Along the way, I was lucky enough to meet the other members of the Ladies Who Brand Team.  My goals are simplicity, efficiency and effectiveness, which I have combined with my psychology, marketing and design degrees to show you (not tell you) how you can Power up!

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