Tech for Tat: Navigating Black Friday Using Modern Tools

By Nathan Conner

The modern shopping scene was designed for Millennials. From apps to online stores, young people know best how to get the best deals and how to get them fast. A survey by the Shullman Research Center analyzed the spending habits of all adults earning an annual salary of $75,000 and above. They found that those falling in the 18-33 range were more positive about their financial situation and planned on spending more money than older shoppers.

Although this might sound like a recipe for disaster, further research has revealed that Millennials are also more likely to compare prices and set higher standards, as AdWeek points out. If you’re not one of the lucky few Millennials earning over $75,000 per year, here are some tips to use your tech-savvy ways to save on Black Friday.

Download More Apps

Even if you’re that person with five pages of apps, you’re going to want to make some room for these babies:

  • Black Friday App by, inc. (Free, iOS, Android- From Apple’s App Store)- Forget your notes app and start organizing your shopping list by saving all of your favorite ads. Use the price comparison feature to make sure you’re getting the best prices and enable push notifications to get minute-to-minute updates of Black Friday sales.
  • TGI Black Friday (Free, iOS, Android- Called the number one holiday shopping essential by the Washington Post, TGI Black Friday is an organized, user-friendly resource for post-Thanksgiving sprees. You can post deals from stores that offer Black Friday sneak peaks, such as Macy’s, and compare prices for electronics from Keurig coffeemakers to laptop computers. Or you can share that awesome deal on Steve Madden handbags with your entire Facebook and Twitter list.
  • Black Friday Survival Guide (Free, iOS, Android)- Use the convenient search feature to find your favorite products and stores without flipping through irrelevant ads. Get notified about the latest news and sales in real time and browse through a categorized list of exceptional discounts.

Get More Back

Competition is hotter than ever in the retail industry, and during Black Friday, it’s practically smoking. One way that businesses try to maintain a solid customer base is by offering loyalty perks for regular customers. For example, signing up for a Macy’s card can get you 10 percent off your current purchase, plus coupons and exclusive access to in-store sale events as the Macy’s website highlights. According to, signing up for a REDCard at Target gets you a five percent discount on your purchase every time you use it, plus free shipping if you order online.

American Express cardholders can cash out this Black Friday thanks to a collaboration between AMEX, H&M, and Sports Authority, according to Simply check in to one of these stores using Foursquare and get $10 back on a $75 purchase at H&M and $20 back on a $50 purchase at Sports Authority. A Walmart credit card gets you $20 back on your first purchase of $100 and up, as Nerd Wallet mentions, plus a discount of 15 cents per gallon on Walmart gas.


About the Author:

Nathan Conner is an office IT guy who blogs about all things technology.