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Spreading Holiday Cheer at Work: Finding the Perfect Present

Spreading Holiday Cheer at Work: Finding the Perfect Present

The gift season can be great fun — or it can be very stressful. Because when it comes time to buy gifts for the boss, the assistant or a co-worker with whom you work closely, it can be a bit of a challenge. You want it to be tasteful, a reasonable amount of money (not too exorbitant, not too cheap) and you want the person to like it. Well, we try to help you out on the quest for the perfect gift for the folks at work …

  • At Music Box Attic, you’ll find Music Boxes from around the world with a variety of different note sizes and more than 1000 styles. Custom engraving is available, and they provide unique wrapping options. It’s a special gift, with a bit more of a personal touch for someone you’ve perhaps worked with for a number of years.
  • At the bookstore of your choice, you can pick up a beautiful hardcover book of quotes — from quotes for women, men, leaders, there’s a book that suits everyone.
  • At Gifts for Professionals, it’s as though every gift or gadget for the workplace has been compiled into one stop. If it’s a new job or strictly a “work-talk-only” environment, something a bit more formal, such as a business card holder or beautiful clock found here is a great present. But if you know your boss or co-worker loves golf, go ahead and personalize the gift with the golf-themed bookends or bag tags, it creates a shared sense of knowing life exists outside of the office.
  • Food at the holidays — other than a fruitcake or standby tin of popcorn – can be a beautiful (delicious) gift. Dean & Deluca offers a wonderful assortment of cookies with “thank you” written on each cookie. Or, if you know your assistant or supervisor is a pseudo-chef at home, Italian spices, oils or herbs are available in beautiful bottles. There is also a gorgeous chocolate bowl for an unusual way to send chocolate to someone. Each item is delivered beautifully wrapped.
  • For the fun person, try a colorfully painted coffee thermos in bright, bold colors from Flax Art & Design. It is the perfectly modern way to carry coffee. The company’s tag line: “Where Creative People Shop” runs through the veins of other offerings as well. With all their fun little gift ideas, it isn’t the easiest site to navigate, so for the super cute thermos:
  • The three-inch millefiori paperweight at is from Italy, and made with the thousand-flower technique, which are surrounded by tiles infused with 24-karat gold. They are pretty and personal, yet still along the professional line of gift-giving.
  • Another wonderful one-stop-shop is They have compiled lots of ideas into one central locale, which then fields you off to other Web sites to purchase. Definitely worth looking at for some unique gift ideas.
  • Red Envelope is a company that seems to allow you to shop it all. >From picture frames to food to desk accessories to engraved pieces to journals and memory books, there is gift to be found here for your boss, assistant or co-worker, no problem. They have a special ‘business gifts’ section to provide lots of choices and ideas to ensure you find the perfect gift.

The holidays are a lot of fun. So finding a gift for someone at work, whether it’s a strictly professional environment or a working relationship with a friendship feel, the gift should be from the heart. It isn’t about price — the gifts above range from $20 and up, but its just about remembering the people you work with at this time of year, and adding a personal touch. Happy Shopping!