Slow Down, to Speed Up!

By Kristie Kennedy

Most purpose driven and visionary leaders operate at a high octane pace, completely focused in pursuit of their goals. Yet, even superman slowed down to be Clark Kent when necessary. The power of rest gives you ammunition to un-leash your very best!

Without adequate time to restore mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally we are short changing everyone in our sphere of influence. A leader has great impact that ranges from those closest at heart to the uttermost parts of the earth.

How do you know when it’s time to pause for a moment of rejuvenation? What are the tell-tale signs?

Are you frequently misplacing basic items such as car keys, cell phone or ATM debit card? What about your temper? When we run on fumes our fuse gets shorter by the minute and anything can cause you to blow your top!

How orderly is your living environment? Usually, when we are moving at breakneck speed tidiness goes by the wayside! Ask me how I know?

Lastly, have you been neglecting your physical appearance?  Personal grooming is a primary indicator of where we are internally.

I know you may think you don’t have a moment to waste; but if you honor your spirit with the gift of stillness you will be able to accomplish significantly more in less time. The reason being is that your intellectual capacity will be heightened with an increase in clarity and the ability to execute precisely due to acute focus.

I am not just speaking in terms of sleeping as a form of rest. You must be intentional and set aside a specific time where you schedule space to allow yourself to breathe deeply and simply do nothing.

In my home built sanctuary, I light my favorite Hazelnut candle by Main Stay, plug up the waterfall and play instrumental music in the background with a good book in hand to refill my barren soul. We have the power to create inner calm whenever we decide to slow down before we choose to speed back up.


About the Author

Kristie Kennedy, Women’s Empowerment Speaker and Small Business Coach provides simple success strategies to overcome everyday challenges, internal conflicts and confidence killers. Visit her at