Sierra Symone: Not Your Average Daddy’s Girl

You might say she’s come so far because of her privileged parentage, but Sierra Symone, daughter of megastar CeeLo Green, will affirm that her achievements have materialized because of her devotion and determination to see her goals realized.

Having moved beyond her days as the star of MTV’s Sweet 16 in which Symone was depicted as a spoiled Bentley-driving, out-of-control teenager, she has matured into an accomplished 21-year-old who has learned that to get what you want involves sheer tenacity and commitment. “I’m a big girl now,” says the wisely ripened Symone, “I use to shut down when I didn’t get my way, but now I just keep moving forward, trying to make things happen.”

“I know I’m very lucky,” she says, “I have an awesome dad who is also a great role model.” Yet for having one of the most famous fathers in the music business, Symone remains humble and hardworking, never taking her “poppy,” as she so sweetly refers to him, for granted.

“I know that as a celebrity daughter I have a bigger advantage but that only makes me more appreciative,” says Symone, “but I also know that it’s only action and drive that’ll get you where you want to go.”

Although she has sung backup on all her dad’s CDs, her upcoming solo album will spotlight Symone and her own unique style. She co-writes her lyrics, a talent she attributes to her father’s careful training. “He had me listen to artists like Robert Flack and Diana Ross,” she says, “and trained me to hear particular features about their individual music.”

In addition to her new album, Symone has a new show brewing on the Oxygen Channel. And having always had an eye for style and fashion, she now produces a cosmetics line called “Kiss and Makeup” and she is in the process of opening a signature boutique venture in Atlanta.

While others her age may be partying or “trying to find themselves,” Symone will be the first to acknowledge she does not have much free time to waste.  “My motto is work, work, work now, play later,” says Symone. And she pulls that off by spending her time traveling between Atlanta, Vegas, Miami and Los Angeles.

“I already know where I’m going,” says the unshakeable artist. And for those of us with an eye on Sierra Symone, watching her journey is sure to be a ride both entertaining and inspiring.


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