Savvy Style: Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

By Jan Ross ~

I wouldn’t want you to think that I might possibly like shoes, but I have an entire shoe closet. That’s right. A shoe closet. I was just re-watching the second “Sex in the City” movie and I was amused and just a teeny bit smug when Carrie was gloating over her fabulous closet because seriously? She had clothes and shoes in there.

Oh, Carrie. Eat your heart out over my shoe closet.

Actually, the only reason I have a shoe closet is because my kids are grown and gone and I have relegated my husband to one closet in the house and taken over all the others. Honestly, how much closet space does a guy need? A few shirts, some pants, maybe a suit or two. And as far as his shoes? Picture me laughing out loud right this minute. He might have five pairs. Six if you count those dress shoes that he only wears about once a year. Whereas I? Have a lot of shoes.

I have never actually counted my shoes but I have … a lot. I have a lot more summer shoes than winter shoes because, honestly, aren’t summer shoes so much cuter? You really can’t get away with bright yellow shoes or polka dot shoes in the winter but sandals? Oh, yeah.

I love shoes. The great thing about shoes is … wait. There are a lot of great things about shoes.

  1. If you are having a fat day, you can still buy shoes. You know those days when everything you try on makes you look fat? It has nothing to do with that big lunch you just ate at “Olive Garden,” I’m sure. But no matter how fat you are looking, you can always buy shoes. Lovely, beautiful, fabulous shoes.
  2. Shoes can beautify any outfit. You know that blue dress you bought because it was on sale and it fits great but it’s kinda … blah. Just put on those blue, green and yellow striped slides with the rhinestone butterfly on the toes (you know the ones I mean) and suddenly your dress has gone from blah to fabulous.
  3. You can have the same color shoes in different styles. I realize you already have some turquoise sandals but you know what? These turquoise sandals are completely different and it’s OK to buy them. My husband still does not understand this concept. He thinks that tall brown boots and short brown boots are the same. As if.
  4. Great shoes give you confidence. Speaking at a conference and feeling some of those pre-conference butterflies? Slip on some fabulous shoes and you’ll feel much better. Just make sure you practice walking in them if they have very high heels and put some tape on the bottom if they are slippery new. Confidence is out the window if you fall on your ass on the stage.
  5. Shoes do not have to be expensive. One of the most fabulous pairs of shoes I own is a pair of black and white polka dot slides. They are seriously the cutest things you have ever seen. In fact, I fell in love with them so deep and hard that I actually bought a back-up pair which I have since decided to give to a friend. Who knew how hard it would be to wear out a pair of black and white polka dot slides? They came from Wal-mart and cost about $10. Who needs Jimmy Choo?
  6. Shoes can help you decide if you like someone. Cute shoes or no cute shoes? Friendships have been based on less.
  7. Shoes set off your pedicure. You might have the most darling pedicure of all time, but if you are not wearing cute shoes, nobody is going to be impressed. And if your shoes color-coordinate with your pedicure? Serious shoe points.
  8. If the shoe fits, buy it in every color. Years ago, I bought two pairs of perfectly darling, lace-up short boots in brown and black. They had a navy pair and I made the ultimate shoe faux pas and decided I didn’t need them. I have thought about those navy boots a thousand times. If only I had bought them. If only. But them if you love them!
  9. Shoes do not judge you. Stopping at “Dairy Queen” for a blizzard on your way home and eating the entire thing in your car, then throwing away the cup? Your shoes don’t care. They still look fabulous. The situation is completely fictitious, by the way. We writers think of things all the time that never actually happened. Never. Happened.
  10. Only your girlfriends understand the shoe mania. Guys will never, ever understand why we need so many shoes. So many colors. So many styles. Never.

Shoes. I think I might need to go shopping right now. I still don’t have a pair of light purple, high heeled sandals to complete my collection. And I need them.

Jan Ross is a freelance writer, specializing in travel writing and has a blog at and she owns a lot of shoes. A LOT.


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