Savvy Smarts: What is Anti-Aging Medicine?

By Frank Comstock, M.D. ~

Anti-aging medicine is a program of optimal diet, nutraceuticals, exercise, bioidentical hormone therapy, and stress management directed at optimizing health and slowing, even reversing, the aging process.

Anti-aging medicine is all about wellness. We supply the body with what it needs to rebuild, repair and regenerate. We utilize healthy diet, nutritional supplementation, exercise, hormone replacement therapy and stress reduction to restore health and vitality.

Anti-aging medicine is much more than “preventive medicine,” it is a proactive, preventive health care program. In contrast to traditional medicine, which focuses on disease care, the focus of anti-aging medicine is on health care. We focus on lifestyle interventions that restore energy, improve health, and slow the aging process. In anti-aging medicine we are able to decrease dosages and even eliminate medications in many patients.

Our healthy diet focuses on blood sugar and insulin control. Patients eat a balanced diet to support metabolism and promote fat burning. We avoid processed foods that sabotage our health and well being. We choose food groups that are a premium fuel to run the body. This optimal diet is the foundation to healthy aging and vitality.

In anti-aging medicine we utilize nutritional supplements to support cell function and balance oxidative stress to dramatically decrease the risk of degenerative diseases. Supplements work synergistically with our diet to improve overall health and body weight.

Our exercise programs focus on shorter duration resistance training, as well as interval training to build muscle, burn fat, and support optimal bone density. With this approach patients spend less time exercising yet obtain maximal results from their exercise program.

Hormone replacement therapy is a pivotal part of anti-aging. As we age many of our vital hormone levels decline leading to weight gain, low energy, muscle loss and decrease in immune function. We use bio-identical hormone therapy to bring the hormone levels into a healthier range with restoration of energy and metabolism. Patients notice tremendous benefits when their hormones are in balance.

Stress reduction is a powerful modality to improve health. All of our anti-aging programs lower stress burden on our bodies. In addition, we utilize simple yet effective stress reduction techniques to improve our health in many areas.

All components of anti-aging medicine work synergistically to allow us to regain health and vitality. By decreasing our reliance on medications for chronic conditions, we attain true health reform.

Frank Comstock, M.D. is board-certified in emergency medicine and anti-aging medicine. For the past ten years, he has practiced anti-aging medicine at Lifestyle Spectrum in Tucson, Arizona. His practice centers on individual consultations with patients for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, supplementation programs, and healthy diet and exercise programs.

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