Savvy Finds: The Earbud YoYo


Oh those pesky earphones! No matter how carefully packed or rolled, the earbud wires almost always come out tangled or twisted, causing a time-consuming, aggravating mess. This is why we were thrilled when we discovered a clever device called the Earbud Yo-Yo.

If you use a headset with a smartphone or any other device, this is one of the most useful tools you’ll want to have – it will keep you organized and prevent you from feeling frustrated and flustered each time you pull out your earphones and have to spend your valuable time uncoiling them. Whether you’re on a workout machine at the gym, or answering an important business call, there’s no need to get annoyed just trying to access your earphones!

You know we at don’t recommend what we don’t simply love – this product passed our Savvy love test! And they’re available in 16 interesting skins and solid colors, and best of all, the Earbud Yo-Yo starts under $10.

To learn more and check out all the fabulous color and style options, visit their website at