Savvy Find: KRUPS XP6040 Combination Coffee + Espresso Machine

If you love coffee, you know that the coffeemaker has every bit as much to do with how your coffee will taste as the coffee beans do. We at The Savvy Gal consider ourselves connoiseurs of fine coffee and after having gone through countless coffee machines that hardly lasted longer than the cup of brew they just put out, we knew it was time to do some research.

We are thrilled to report that we’ve finally uncovered the King of Coffeemakers! As you know, we Savvy Gals don’t put our seal of approval on anything we don’t try, and the Krups XP6040 19-Bar Combination Espresso/Coffee Machine passed our “love it!” test with flying colors.

There’s so much about this unit that is over the top, but our favorite is the pause and serve feature, which allows removal of the carafe at any time to serve (just in case we need an immediate caffeine fix and can’t wait the extra few seconds for the machine to finish brewing the pot).  The auto shut-off is cool too, because we’ve been known to throw ourselves into our work and forget the coffeemaker on until the carafe explodes (that won’t happen with this one). There is a non-stick warming plate that keeps coffee hot for hours, although, I’m pretty sure coffee won’t last in the pot long enough for us to ever need that feature. And this particular model has a 10-cup capacity — certainly enough to get our motor running in the morning.

The combo coffee / espresso / cappuccino feature gives us options so we’re not just drinking one type of brew all day, and it has three functions: Espresso, hot water and frother.

Besides all its handy functions, the XP6040 19-Bar Combination Espresso/Coffee Machine happens to be gorgeous and it sits center stage in our office. It’s designed in Switzerland with certain parts made in Italy, which explains its beauty and durability.  The suggested retail price for this unit is $299, but we figure it pays for itself in no time, because once you’ve brewed a few cups with the XP6040, you won’t be standing in line for another $5 coffee served in a paper cup any more.