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Rich, Famous & Generous: 3 Inspiring Philanthropist

Rich, Famous & Generous: 3 Inspiring Philanthropist

By Lucy Goldstein

The average Joe or Josephine usually thinks A-listers and the elite are too concerned with the latest fashion or facial to care whether veterans receive proper health care or children in the third world get to eat. There are, however, exceptions to every rule. These iconic women have gone above and beyond to help those in need, extending their resources and inspiring us all.

Lois Pope: A Saint for Veterans

Lois Pope (right) is the wife of the late National Enquirer founder Generoso Pope. Instead of frittering her life away as a wealthy wife, she has donated her life to veterans, children and animals. Her quest began when she was entertaining at a New York City hospital for veterans. She was singing “Hold My Hand” only to discover that the veteran had no arms. Instead of faltering, she swept him into her arms, and her passion for compassion hasn’t waned since. (photo credit: Flikr image from State Farm)

Elizabeth Taylor: Early Aids Crusader

The late Elizabeth Taylor had everything: beauty, fame, wealth and the world at her fingertips, but it simply wasn’t enough. When Taylor’s good friend Rock Hudson died of a relatively unheard-of disease, she wouldn’t sweep it under the rug. Taylor went on to hold the first-ever AIDS benefit and later joined with Dr. Mathilde Krim to form the American Foundation for AIDS research. (Photo credit: Flikr Image from Luiz Fernando / Sonia Maria)

Angelina Jolie: Humanitarian Angel

Angelina Jolie has always gone against the grain, despite her status as a household name. Her burgeoning fame only propelled her to do more. She and partner Brad Pitt have donated $1 million dollars to the non-profit Global Action for Children. Jolie is also a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations and founder of the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation, which works to create sustainable living situations for native Cambodians. (photo credit: Flikr image from

About the Author

Lucy Goldstein is a mom of four and an entertainment enthusiast. She has been to more Broadway shows than she can count, and she hopes at least one of her kids will go into acting.