Newsletter Round Up 411

Every so often we “round up” some of the great must-have products featured on our newsletters. Here’s a recap of just a few …

Stroll with a Scroll
These beautiful bags by oovoo are all hand-embroidered with signature scrolling designs. Each panel of each bag is individually hand-embroidered with colorfast silk thread and then all of the panels are sewn together. The bags can take up to 20 hours to make.

Made from a synergistic mix of cotton, polyester, silk, leather and suede, each bag is a one-of-a-kind and has its own “personality.” The bags are fully lined with a zippered inside pocket, a cell phone pocket and a notepad pocket. Most bags, depending on the style, have either a magnetic button closure or a zippered closure. Some have leather handles, wooden handles; there is a great variety.

The company, oovoo, employs more than 500 hundred women in Vietnam. The employees are paid 15 percent above market rate and are given the opportunity to create a better life for themselves while showing off their talents

The bags really are beautiful, the colors are bold and vivid, the craftsgalship is impeccable and the quality is excellent.

The bags range from $90 to $300;

Light, Crunchy, Cool Cookies
Here at, we pretty much test, see, touch — and, of course, taste — everything we recommend. We found Zen Rabbit cookies to be a must-try for all the savvy gals. A cross between a butter and a sugar cookie, it is light, tasty and kind of addicting.

They seem a little simple upon first glance. They are thin and plain — but in one bite, you’ll find they’re crunchy and delicious. Made with real butter and real vanilla, ingredients also include unbleached flour, soymilk and egg whites from cage-free chickens.

These are all-natural treats — they don’t contain any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives; there are no partially hydrogenated oils or trans fats. And they’re delicious!

The Zen Rabbit cookies arrive in cute, customizable packaging, which is perfect for gifts for family or business associates. (There are testimonials on the site and one says, “You know you’ve found a great way to say ‘thank you’ when your clients ask if they’ll be receiving Zen Rabbit cookies!”)

Lori Saitz started the Zen Rabbit Baking Company using a family recipe; she named the company after a favorite childhood toy. This cookie company also gives back by donating a portion of all sales to improving the welfare of animals and protecting the environment. Their goal this year for donations? $50,000! (Cookies with a heart!)
Be sure to try these cookies at

Sweet Smelling Soap
There’s just something about a colorful, sweet-smelling bar of soap that makes the idea of taking a shower so inviting. Maybe it’s the color; maybe it’s the texture …

Abbey Brown soaps help create the environment for a soothing bath, an invigorating shower or just plain ole’ pampering. Making handmade natural skin care products, the company produces about 20 varieties of soap, including vegan, organic and herbal infused olive oil soap. You’ll also find soaks, foot therapy, salt rubs, shea butter lotions, candles, eye pillows and more.

The collections are made with aromatherapy properties, and use only plant-based essential oils (no synthetic ingredients). The owners, the Kraemer family, grow more than half of the herbs and botanicals used, which are of organic quality. Of course, they’re animal friendly and vegan-based.

The store is located in Chicago and if you’re in the area, a trip into the locale is a dream for the senses. The smells, the colors … it’s truly a treat. And you can take soap making classes and create your own! But if you can’t make it in, their Web site will ship out to you. They even have a “soap of the month” club — so you can get a new one without fail!; 1162 West Grand Avenue, Chicago (West Loop)

Be Safe!
The Bodygard 5-In-1 Emergency Tool offers the following all in one little device: an automatic glass breaker, a safety-blade seat belt cutter, a sonic alarm (high decibel output), a flashing red distress light and a bright-white LED flashlight. Well, hopefully, you’ll need none of the above, but isn’t it great to know it’s all right in the glove box at a moment’s notice?

This Swiss+Tech tool is also light and small enough to fit on your key ring at less than 3″ x 1-3/4″ x 5/8″ in size and weighing only one ounce. It’s water resistant and comes with a lifetime warranty.

While we do test out everything before we suggest, we couldn’t go cutting our seat belt or windows, but for $19.95, we thought we’d bring it to your attention!


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