Jo Gambi

Jo entered the Guinness World Records for the fastest female ascent of the Seven Summits, and is the second British woman to ever climb Everest’s North Ridge.

In 2005, Jo and her husband, Rob, became the first couple to both climb the “Seven Summits” and ski to the North and South Poles. She was also the first female and Rob the first Australian to achieve this feat. Remarkably they unwittingly achieved these records not only while Rob was in remission from his second bout of cancer, but also in spite of facing death along the way, while stranded high in the Himalaya.

With nothing more than Rob and Jo’s characteristic passion and determination, they also succeeded in completing the Seven Summits in record time.
Whilst Jo’s achievements may seem out of reach for most people, audiences are often delighted and relieved to discover she is from a “very ordinary background.” By tenaciously overcoming personal obstacles, Jo has discovered that so many of life’s answers are within reach of us all.

The above information is courtesy of YouTube, and here is a video of her story.


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