How to Find and Pursue Your Purpose and Passion

By Kristie Kennedy

Life is designed to be filled with passion, excitement and adventure.  Yet many of us at one time or another chose to hide in the shadows of obscurity. We settle for being a timid wallflower rather than boldly showcasing our resplendent essence to the world as a breathtaking centerpiece.

If you are honest, I bet you would agree that there is a longing and a whisper down in your soul nudging  daily to be more, seek more, live more, have more, reach more, speak more and do more.

I recently spoke with two women who were struggling to recognize their life purpose. One adamantly stated, “I know this is not what I am supposed to be doing, but how do I figure out what I have been created to do?” We inadvertently decide through inaction and passivity, that what we truly want will require far more than what we are willing to give. Hence, the inner conflict arises between what is and what is to be.  The other woman had a vague notion about what brought her true fulfillment but due to feelings of overwhelm she was perplexed by thoughts of how and where to begin.

The key to success is often one STEP outside of our comfort zone.  We possess the finesse to metamorphose into anything our minds can conceptualize. Understand this truth, a mountain can be eradicated through various means and sometimes we may find ourselves gradually uprooting it one stone at a time. Quite often, you will learn that it is vital to be patient with the process of personal transformation in order to experience the bountiful joy nestled in the journey.

If you find yourself in a place of ignorance pertaining to any area of your life, allow the discomfort of not knowing to be a catalyst for imminent change. Those of us who are ambitious and driven, find sweet delight in filling our calendars to the brim with seemingly important tasks.  These monumental to-do lists often mask our real desire to live beyond the confining lines we saddle upon day after day.

What if you unapologetically charged over walls of opposition to inhabit a land of limitless possibilities? Who would you become? How different is this new space you courageously abide in, compared to the trenches of familiarity you left behind? Why did it take so long to identify, acknowledge and embrace you’re exquisite worth?

The call to exceptionality requires every fiber of your being to be fully vested. I remember hearing an influential leader say, “If it was easy, anybody could do it.”  When you awaken to unveil the brilliance that your internal fears have buried for years it will compel you to evolve into someone completely new. There is more to you than meets the eye and it is you’re individual responsibility to excavate the greatness that resides within.

You have the potential to be an unstoppable force of power and it is imperative that you own up to the fact that your progress, your success, your prominence, your wealth, your abundance and ultimately your next steps of ascension are resting in the palm of your hands.

It is essential to realize each of us are journeying on our own distinct path of purpose.  The speed at which budding talent and raw potential are unearthed is predicated upon time, energy, and labor expended on a consistent basis. I often say heart work, is hard work! Our eminence often eludes us due to misplaced identity and low self-esteem directly impacted by preceding experiences that warp our current outlook.

During your critical mind shifting transition, I challenge you to spend time quality time in reflection in order to shatter self-limiting beliefs. Here are a few thoughts to ignite internal dialogue necessary to blaze a trail of triumph over the pasture of defeat:

  • Remember WHY you chose to pursue your purpose and passion.
  • Refuse to obsess over HOW you will be able to attain your deepest desires.
  • WHAT are you becoming on the path towards greatness and a life of achievement?
  • Procrastination is a thief of opportunity, WHEN you decide to move progress is inevitable.
  • Clear vision is paramount to your success; do you know WHERE you are going?

Lastly, the single element holding you back is the finite idea that something or someone is capable of preventing you from becoming or achieving what you have envisioned is conceivable in this lifetime.


About the Author

Kristie Kennedy, Women’s Empowerment Speaker and Small Business Coach provides simple success strategies to overcome everyday challenges, internal conflicts and confidence killers. Visit her at