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Healthy, Fit and Fabulous: 7 Skinny Strategies

Healthy, Fit and Fabulous: 7 Skinny Strategies

By  Denise Austin ~

Skinny Strategy #1: The 7-Day Fat-Blast Diet
The 7-Day Fat-Blast Diet is based on 7-day cycles. Every 2 days, you will alternate your calorie count, which will boost your metabolism. It’s easy to stay on a diet when you know you can have more calories in a day or two. I encourage my friends to look forward to the higher-calorie menus and especially the weekly Super Splurge. Knowing that you can eat your favorite meal once a week makes it so much easier to stick with the diet every day.

Skinny Strategy #2: The Fat Blaster Workout
This scientifically based exercise plan revolves around my own Interval Walking program, along with total body toning exercises I call 7-Minute Slimmers that you can do anytime at home or at the office. I will also teach you 3 simple stretches that you can do every morning when you wake up to get your body in a calorie-burning mode. You’ll incorporate workouts into your daily plan, and I’ve built them into the daily program, so you’ll have daily reminders to get your body moving.

My Interval Walking program is unique because it creates Muscle Confusion. This means that, because your muscles accommodate a specific type of stress over time, you must constantly vary your exercise frequency, intensity, and time (FIT) to avoid a plateau. The 7-Minute Slimmers will tone every muscle of your body from head to toe. These special strengthening exercises are extremely effective for women because you use 2 groups of muscles at the same time. You’ll shape your abdominal muscles while toning your buttocks, or chisel your biceps while trimming your waist.

Skinny Strategy #3: Super Splurge!
With my 7-Day Fat-Blast Diet, you will look forward to “cheating” with a Super Splurge every 7 days to ease cravings associated with dieting. In this strategy, I will give you some fabulous and delicious ideas for the most-craved snacks and desserts, including lists of Super Splurge sweets. I’ll also show you how to enjoy your Super Splurge, but still keep the calorie count to around 1500 calories on that 1 day. You will eat a light breakfast and lunch and then enjoy your favorite restaurant meal and cocktail. Also, you can switch your Super Splurge day if you know you are going out on a Saturday night—plan your week ahead and you can have the splurge of your life! You will factor your Super Splurge into your entire day’s calorie intake.

Skinny Strategy #4: Lose Weight the Fast Way
Do you always snack while watching TV at the end of a long day? Millions of Americans admit to nighttime eating and drinking. The problem is that nighttime eating can set you up for weight gain. Not only do people tend to eat higher-calorie foods (and drinks) for snacks, but most of these people are also inactive, spending time sitting or lying down while watching TV. Honestly, there is a reason it is called “break-fast”—and if you aren’t fasting at night, you cannot break it in the morning with a filling and enjoyable breakfast. In this strategy, I will ask you to eat only during the daytime for 12 hours—from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.—and then your kitchen officially closes after dinner. I’ll explain the latest theories on nighttime fasting, too, and how this will help boost weight loss.

Skinny Strategy #5: Top 14 Side Effect: Skinny Foods
This might sound crazy, but there are some powerful foods you can eat to boost the health of certain body organs…and these foods actually look like the organ or body system they help. You’ll be amazed how a walnut, which looks like a brain, can actually improve your brain function, or the connection between blood-red beets and the health of your blood stream. Of course, you probably know the connection between carrot slices and eye health—but I’m giving you a visual reminder of why you should choose these foods for the health of your body and all its organs. I’ve incorporated these foods into the meal plans to make it super simple for you.

Skinny Strategy #6: Double-Your-Metabolism Foods
This strategy will give you the ultimate skinny on healing foods that are known to boost metabolism. I’ll reveal the latest findings on apples and how they boost metabolic rate. Remember the grapefruit diet that helped you drop weight quickly several years ago? Well, scientists now realize that grapefruits actually do have fat-blasting power—and could dramatically reduce the size of your waistline. I’ll give you cut- ting-edge information on many other foods such as green tea, certain dairy products, and green coffee extract that may help you reach your weight-loss goal faster and also boost your health along the way. Of course, most of these foods are also included in the meal plans and recipes, but I want you to really understand why you’re eating them and what they do for your body.

Skinny Strategy #7: Daily Body Blitz
As you will learn in the last strategy, the most effective way to lose weight and keep it off is to keep your body active—daily—moving every chance you get and keeping your cardiovascular system in optimal health. With this last strategy, I will help you redefine daily exercise to include foot-tapping, dancing, stretching, pacing, jogging, and other enjoyable activities you can do 1 minute at a time any time of the day or night—even while talking on the cell phone, working at your computer, or sitting in rush hour traffic. I call these 1-minute exercises the Daily Body Blitz. When you combine this Daily Body Blitz with the other strategies, you will slash calories and boost weight loss and good health.

About the Author:
Known as “America’s favorite fitness expert,” Denise Austin has sold over 24 million exercise videos and authored more than 12 books on health and fitness. As a worldwide fitness phenomenon, she has created a loyal audience with her two major television shows: Getting Fit, which ran for 10 years on ESPN and continued under the new name Denise Austin’s Daily Workout, and Fit & Lite, both on Lifetime.


Denise served two terms on the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. She has testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, helped launch the new food guidance system of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and was recently honored by Woman’s Day magazine and the American Heart Association with the Red Dress Award for her contributions to heart health. Married for over 25 years to Jeff Austin, they have two teenage daughters, Kelly and Katie.
“Side Effect: Skinny” is available everywhere books are sold