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Find the Perfect Lawyer in 7 Steps

Find the Perfect Lawyer in 7 Steps

This is your life we are talking about. So you want to make sure you take every necessary step to find the right lawyer for your needs. It is very hard to do this, though, with all the ads flying at you, the people soliciting you and all the negative things heard about lawyers these days. But the fact of the matter is you can find the right lawyer and not all of them are bad.

Believe it or not, some attorneys actually get into the career not to make millions or to beat the drug companies but to really help you. Here are some of the things to look for in your lawyer. Take these steps to find the perfect lawyer for the job.

  • Find a lawyer who specializes in your field. This is important because you want someone who not only knows how to handle a case like yours, but also one who will be up to date on the latest rulings and procedures for your case. This simple thing can really make a large difference. Many lawyers have one or two specialties and then do other things as well. If you find one who specializes in your needs, of say traffic violations or divorce, you are likely to be able to count on them to know more about how to handle your case than someone who specializes in business proposals.
  • To find a lawyer you can trust, look towards your local Bar Association for recommendations on someone. Not everyone has a lawyer on retainer so it helps to know someone out there is recommending the one you are choosing. If you feel you can, ask friends and family about their recommendations as well.
  • Once you find a few names to consider, make sure you do a little research about them. You can check on their relevant experience and their record for cases like yours. While this will not tell you whether your lawyer will win your case, it is safe to say it will give you some idea of his or her skills nonetheless.
  • Consider how well the lawyer will be dedicated to your case. You can judge this by what he or she tells you and by how well the person works with you. Will she meet the deadlines? Does she return your calls? Can you trust him to be on time for appointments? Ask him how much time he will devote to your case and how many other cases he is handling at the time. You need to know the dedication to your personal needs.
  • Perform an interview with the lawyer. Ask he or she the questions above. But, if at all possible, make it an in person interview. This will help you to “feel out” the lawyer. Ask him about how he will handle your case and what he can do for you to make sure you win your battle. An experienced lawyer should be able to tell you step-by-step what will happen, when it will happen and why it happens.
  • Let’s face it. We cannot all have the best lawyers out there. It is important to compare retainer fees. While you may be under the impression you need the best lawyer out there, you simply may not be able to afford he or she. However, instead of worrying about this, consider instead what the lawyer’s record is and how well she can do her job for the amount of money she will charge you.
  • Lastly, it is important to choose a lawyer whom you trust. If you do not feel comfortable with a lawyer, you shouldn’t work with her. It makes sense you should be able to talk to the person easily and tell him the who’s, the what’s and the why’s of your case. You should be able to provide him with what he needs to know. Trusting your lawyer will also help you to relax and relieve some of your own stress.

So, the perfect lawyer? Is there really one of those out there? There is that one lawyer you will be proud to call your own. When you take the time to make sure the lawyer you have chosen is a good one, you can be sure your case and your life is safe and secure in her capable hands.

Michael Lewis is an editor at where you can find more articles about finding a good attorney.