Financing Your Fabulous Future

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If anyone needs a reason to believe that investing should be their prime consideration, here’s one: It will offer them scores of options in life that those who have not invested will not get to enjoy.  Quite simply, wise investors will get to do and buy things because they will be able to afford them, and they will eventually reap the rewards of their shrewd investment strategies.

I’m astonished that many people actually need to be convinced of that fact, but I come across plenty of young families who feel they have a lifetime ahead to set up an investment program and therefore put it off. Believing their immediate priority is to get their new marriages situated, they may spend their money on other presumed essentials like furnishings, travel or entertainment. Saving for the future, to many, seems just that … too far off in the distance and not a pressing necessity, especially if money is tight.

As the mom of three single young adult women, I see this “buy now, save later” mentality among them and their friends as well. When they’re down to the bottom of that paycheck and their eyes catch a stunning pair of shoes at the mall calling their names, it’s tough to look the other way and opt to toss that money into a mutual fund or life insurance policy instead. Those documents look pretty lusterless next to a shiny pair of red strappy sandals. But here’s why passing on those shoes is the smart choice: The sooner an investment strategy is set in motion, the more money it will accumulate.

No matter how meager a budget may appear, whether for a single adult or a young family, a little amount is better than no amount at all when it comes to saving for the future.  And beginning that investment program is like that proverbial diet; if you keep putting it off until tomorrow, you will soon run out of tomorrows and eventually regret it.

Hopefully tomorrow actually materializes, and when it does, choosing a financial advisor will be the next important decision. This is where an investment in time and research should be made since many commercial banking institutions are solely out to make money and can steer people, particularly young investors, in the wrong direction for their own gain. Financial terms and topics can be monotonous and complicated, but what’s even worse than not investing is making poor investment choices. Countless people have lost fortunes because they have not applied themselves to learn and comprehend where they’re putting their hard-earned money. A not-for-profit organization such as brightpeak financial can be a smart resource to explore — they offer guidance and instruction without the fear of a hidden motive.

There is nothing more rewarding than reaping the benefits of a smart investment strategy. Waiting for a large sum of money is not required; no amount is too small and the earlier those contributions begin, the better. And imagine the quantity of strappy sandals one could eventually afford having so prudently and diligently invested!



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