Eating in Tuscany: Not Just Another Pretty Place

If you’ve ever dreamed of traveling to Europe, you likely hoped to visit Tuscany. This famous Italian area is surrounded with captivating landscapes and rich history at every corner.

With towns like its capital, Florence, as well as Arezzo, Lucca, Livorno, Siena and Pisa, Tuscany has gained fame mostly because of its astounding natural beauty and delicious provincial foods. Thanks to the museums, cathedrals and historical architecture, Tuscany is known the world over as an authentic mirror of Italian culture. For this distinct reason, Tuscany is a favorite among most visitors to Italy.

This region is especially popular with history buffs. Tuscany stretches over the slopes of the Apennines, in front of the Tyrrhenian Sea and its coastline features long sandy beaches with a view of the small islands of the Tuscan archipelago. The small walled towns throughout Tuscany are a reflection of the Middle Ages. There are fortresses and watchtowers, some well preserved and others in ruins. Dark, green cypress trees prevail throughout the region, setting the stage for the occasional moss-coated castles that can be found on occasion. There are lovely vineyards with farmhouses scattered throughout.

There’s something for everyone in Tuscany: Unbeatable sights, exquisite wines, great hotels, remarkable food, and all the fascinating art you learned about in history class. There are local cafes, walking and biking paths, and unbeatable shopping. Florence is world renowned for its leather, and there are a variety of shops that will custom make any article of clothing you wish. From designer boutiques to stores that sell handmade artifacts, Florence has a range of shopping possibilities to please any aficionado. The region is also well known for hand-made Florentine gilded wooden trays, which sometimes sell here in the States for hundreds of dollars, but can be found locally for about 20 Euros.

Not simply a great restaurant destination, Tuscany is also unsurpassed as the home of historical art. There are a multitude of examples that exist in the region, from the Etruscan civilization to the Roman monuments and ruins. The Romanesque architecture and the impressive Gothic cathedrals demonstrate the artistic era that flourished during the Renaissance period. The most important collection of paintings in the world can be seen in the Uffizi Gallery. The famous “Piet…” by Michelangelo is located in the Museum of the Opera del Duomo. Tradition and art are prevalent throughout the region, which is why Tuscany is an ideal choice for a marriage celebration adorned in art and history.

After a day filled with historical discovery, take time to savor an authentic Italian meal, usually served with wonderful local wines, at any of these favored restaurants:

Dino Via Ghibellina 51 FIRENZE, 055 241452
Osteria Del Cinghiale Bianco, Borgo S. Jacopo, 43 r. – 50125 – FIRENZE
Pinchiorri Via Ghibellina 87 FIRENZE, 055 242777
Piazza Manin 1 – PISA – 050.8312008
Don Chischiotte Via Ridolfi Cosimo 4-6 FIRENZE, 055 475430
Alle Murate Via Ghibellina 52-54 FIRENZE, 055 240618


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