Candace Bushnell Presents Life in “The Broadroom”

She has influenced an entire generation with her celebrated “Sex and the City” series and film, and entertained countless women with her books and articles. And now, Candace Bushnell is set to capture more infatuated followers with her innovative four-part Web series, “The Broadroom.” The Savvy Gal was at the premiere at Fred’s, the restaurant within Barney’s flagship store in New York City, along with Bushnell and the stars of the show.

The project, sponsored in partnership with Meredith’s MORE magazine and Maybelline New York’s Color Sensational Lipstick, spotlights the multifaceted life of women in the workplace from Bushnell’s classically humorous point of view.

The event kicked off with active mingling, followed by a warm welcome from MORE editor Lesley Jane Seymour, who introduced the Web series, described its target viewers and explained that the “age 55-and-over demo” are among the fastest-growing and biggest users of the Web as well as the most active consumers. “The only women in the stores are the women over 40, these are the people who still have the money,” she said. She acknowledged the cooperative effort of a number of organizations and individuals before she introduced Bushnell.

Bushnell described the evolution of the project and shared how she, Meredith Corp and Maybelline collaborated to create “The Broadroom.” With a preview of the first Webisode, it was clear that Bushnell’s unique ability to present the private thoughts and ideas most women collectively share — but don’t always reveal, would once again prevail in this work. And while the segments are engaging and amusing, what women appreciate most about Bushnell’s writing is that we can recognize slants of ourselves we may think no one else understands. Asked what she hopes to convey to viewers through “The Broadroom,” Bushnell says, “The message to women is to ‘be yourself.'”

The colorful cast of ladies featured in the Webisodes include Jennifer Esposito (“Samantha Who?”), Jennie Garth (“90210”), and Talia Balsam (“Mad Men”).

Decked in a short black dress and red Maybelline lipstick, Garth explained how she hopes the Webisodes would impact viewers: ” ‘The Broadroom’ exposes how complex and diverse women are and that they can in fact handle anything,” she said.

The Webisodes can be viewed at or


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