Becoming Dad

One of the first things expecting parents often do is peruse bookstores in an effort to find a resource that might equip them for the inevitable task ahead … actually raising their forthcoming child. Kelly Crull, a soon-to-be dad, set out to do the same, but was frustrated he couldn’t find a book that speaks to the unique challenges a man in his “condition” would face. The aisles are lined with manuals loaded with tips to help women prepare for their imminent roles as mothers – and there’s an abundance of books to advise women about each stage of pregnancy, but where does dad find help to comprehend what his new role will look like?

Crull resolved to fill this void by documenting his adventure as the spouse of an expectant wife, through the stages of his child’s growth into toddlerhood.  As he cruises through each phase, he describes the lessons he learns and the challenges he faces.  He engages readers through ordinary as well as random episodes and reveals his honest reactions, which range from humorous to tense, and always candid and frank.

“I knew I would only be able to handle this pregnancy one step at a time,” Krull explains, “now that we were pregnant I needed to let go of the life I had and everything that was familiar and basic to me, for something unpredictable.”

Crull describes his experience in the delivery room as his baby was making her grand entrance: “The job of everyone else in the room was to make sure April delivered a healthy baby,” he says, “but mine was to be April’s husband … the baby was the last step.”

“Becoming Dad” is a must-have book for every expectant father. Consider it equivalent to a trustworthy friend who is willing to open his personal diary so other new dads can be spared the fated confusion fatherhood is sure to deliver.


About the Author:

Kelly Crull is the author of a parenting book, Becoming Dad, a children’s book, Clara Has a Baby Brother, and a parenting blog,, which was one of Google’s top-ranked “baby blogs.” He has been featured as a new voice in parenting in various La Leche League newsletters, The Father Life magazine, and His parenting videos have appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show,, and have received YouTube’s “Top 50 Videos of the Week” award. Kelly is originally from Iowa. He lives with his wife and three children in Madrid, Spain.

His books, including “Becoming Dad” are available at and wherever books are sold.