What do an heiress’ latest escapades, the cabbage soup diet and overpriced accessories have in common? They’ll never be featured on TheSavvyGal.com.

What do women want to know? For starters: how to ensure financial responsibility; basics of investing; how to stay healthy (not stick-skinny);  realistic fitness guides; they want to read about other women’s accomplishments; they want career advice; and they want to know how to chart a course for a successful life. Thus, TheSavvyGal.com was born, delivering reliable content to professional women.

Here’s what to look out for on TheSavvyGal.com:

The Money, Honey – You work hard for your money. And you’ve probably made some investments to protect it. Now understand what it’s doing (other than sitting in a monthly 401k). It’s back to the basics to help you discern the differences in investments, and some new strategies to make the most out of your money. The phrase “buyers beware” just changed to “buyers be savvy!!”

The Cool Communicator – The sky is blue? Yes, there is a question mark at the end of that declarative statement. It looks silly, right? It sounds silly when you treat every sentence like a question with your voice running up … a pitfall called “uptalk,” something many women are guilty of doing. The section teaches us to communicate effectively whether it’s proper speech in the boardroom or how to talk to our coworkers, partners, family or friends.

Movers and Shakers – Amazing women live among us. They’ll have a place to shine as their stories are covered. What you take from these stories is up to you, but they’re meant to inspire and bring us together. This section is also a place for the savvy editors to tell us something that we must know to keep ourselves one step ahead of the game.

The Career Connection – This section is all about how to stimulate, capitalize on and enjoy your career and business. Topics will range from crafting your resume to negotiating your pay!

Travel and Eats
–This section offers great tips for local and international travel and some delectable food and wine suggestions. From quick weekend getaways to choosing vino in Italy, from simple to the obscure, this is for the travel and gourmet buffs.

Healthy, Fit & Fabulous – We’re so overwhelmed in our busy lives that sometimes we forget to take care of our most precious asset – our own wellbeing!! This section offers straightforward – and achievable – goals and tips for being our healthy-best.

Savvy Gal Spotlight
– Each week features something of interest and value to our readers – it could be a person, place or thing. From late-breaking innovations to handy time-saving tips, the spotlight is shining on the latest and greatest.

Savvy Smarts – Technology, legal matters, real estate and automobile maintenance are a cinch when we know what we ought to know. Here’s where we find valuable, important information sure to make us smart.

Savvy Minds – Our brains can be our best asset or our own worst saboteur. These articles will help equip us with relevant truths to enable us to triumph through common challenges so we can experience more fulfilling and successful lives.

Savvy Style
– This section helps you stay on top of your style, with all the latest and greatest products, services and whatever else it takes to make you look and feel your savvy best. Love to shop? This section covers great fabulous must-haves, as well as the tastemakers and style mavens who create the best of the best.

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